Who we are

L’Atelier, (French for workshop), is anything but your ordinary hardware store. South India Agencies flagship architectural hardware experience studio, located in Koramangala, the heart of Bangalore, guarantees you an experience like never before right from the minute you step off the elevators and into our showroom.

We did a little survey to see what the typical new home or office owner has to face when it comes to hardware. Did you know, owners are confronted with 78 local hardware manufacturers and 27 global vendors, vending 147 types of door closers and 437 different kinds of door handles...all in all that’s 22,346 items of warehouse stock! And we haven’t even begun on accessories in other parts of the house….

Chances are that the vast amount of choice in difficult to access hardware showrooms has put you off too. Alternatively, picking fittings for your doors, kitchens and bathrooms out of a catalogue without touching and testing the actual product isn’t always the most comfortable feeling. We personally wouldn’t do it for our homes - and neither should you have to. Born to bridge this gap, L’Atelier, offers you an easy and convenient way out with

  • Over 20,000 square feet of display
  • Hands on experience of the products
  • Knowledgeable advice about merchandise
  • Trained staff specializing in doing up living and working spaces

All so that you can make the best choice!. “Our strength comes from our vast dealer network of 400+ dealers. It is not possible for any one dealer to demonstrate the vast range of products we have. And that’s why we came up with L’Atelier. L’Atelier is a design studio where customers, may they be dealers, architects, designers and other professionals from all walks, can visit and compare products, brands and pricing and make an informed choice of what product best suits their requirement.” P. Mukesh, Chairman - South India Agencies.

When it comes to your home, we understand that you may not always want to engage a full time trained professional to handle your décor. Why not just walk into our studio and let our in-house team handle the job for you, right from building up on your creative ideas, giving you practical advice while helping you plan your new look. We go all the way to giving you hands on installation support to ensure you have a stress free experience along with long-term peace of mind.

If you are an architect, interior designer, repair or remodeling contractor, we feel, your trust in working with us deserves a little extra in the form of special services and support so that, ultimately your clients receive nothing but the best from you! And of course, our loyalty programmes, a RFQ facility to handle large customer orders with volume discounts, direct ship programmes and other specialty sales initiatives are just our way of thanking you for your patronage. After all, dressing up your most precious commodity – your personal space, is our passion!



  • SPD Plaza, No. 52, 2nd Floor,
  • 5th Block Koramangala (Opp. Jyoti Nivas College),
  • Bangalore 560034,
  • Karnataka. India
  • Phone: +91 8123113218
  • E-mail: info@l-atelierstudio.com