Environmental awareness is fast growing and no builder can afford to turn a blind eye to it. ‘Green’ buildings are all the rage and architects are going all out to ensure that their clients’ homes are constructed in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. These ‘green’ buildings ensure energy efficiency by cutting down on the use of materials that are environmental hazards or unsustainable in the long run. One of the biggest trends in this movement is the use of glass to maximize energy efficiency, be it by mounting glass solar panels on roofs, or installing skylights to let natural light into the house rather than relying heavily on electricity.

And you know what? The best part is that, not only is glass one of the finest options in the market today, but using it doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics of your building… glass rather enhances it! So, if you’re looking for a customized turnkey solution for all things glass, right from design to installation, you’ve stumbled upon the right page! If you’re not, feel free to stay and have a look around, we’re sure you’ll love what you see! Be it plain glass doors, or sliding and folding ones, spider glazing and facades or shower partitions, cubicles and enclosures, canopies or skylights that you’re looking for, we’ve got just the right thing for you!

Our dedicated team at Glassia will help you figure out your exact requirements, select the best options for you and guarantee that your plan is executed to perfection. And for those eventualities when things don’t seem to go right, we’ve got AMC packages that will not only suit your pocket, but will ensure a lifetime of worry free maintenance.

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Ravichandran – Vice President, Glassia

Ravichandran comes with an overall work experience of 42 years including 10 years at SIA. Prior to joining SIA he has worked with TVS as Manager Business Development. He has also headed their operation at Belgaum and Nagpur as Branch Manager where he successfully handled a team of 50 employees. He has also served Shriram Engineering Construction for 5 years as Senior Manager. He has been handling all project execution and training the marketing staff. He is also responsible for marketing and sales of Glassia and takes charge of the overall execution of glass division projects.


Usha Ravichandran - General Manager, Glassia

Usha Ravichandran comes with an overall experience of 38 years with 22 years in banking industry and 13 years in insurance and financial consultancy and about 2 years in SIA. Additionally, she was also into career counselling for school-finalists and basic learning programme for children upto 10th Std. Being a well-known theatre and small-screen personality of Tamil-nadu, she has travelled all over India and Singapore. With her rich experience in administration, she is now taking care of the backend for the glass division and also supporting project activities.



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