Home security is an important issue as a person enclosed forever in their house for its safety because the fear of home protection goes ahead everywhere with them. To eliminate the tension, an array of Door Hardware is available such as Door seals, Door closers, Door stoppers, Door handles, Floor Spring and lots more that are develop with striking designs for the security of home along with providing elegant look.

Those days have gone when door hardware are meant only for opening or closing of the door because ultramodern hardware help homemakers rejuvenate their sweet home entirely and providing the complete security without creating hole in the pocket. All the door hardware are manufactured and tested as per the national standards to provide lifelong usability with easier functionality and aesthetical look.

Available in wide range of color and designs, State-of-the-art folding and sliding door match all the needs and taste of consumers. High quality of weather proofing material such as glass and aluminium used for the manufacturing are of high strengthening. The superiority, visibility and longevity of doors are not affected by the environmental condition such as rain, storm or etc. Sound resisting material does not allow the noise of outside world to enter in the house.

Designer folding and sliding doors can be opened in any way from right to left, left to right, inward or outward without any difficulty.